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                 Click on any of the following links to check out our science information and experiments.            

       Experiments listed under 4th and 6th class  are not just for 4th and 6th class so don't be

 thrown by the title!



   Sound                Light                  Electricity              Flight                   Computers


Facts about Sound                          Light in Nature                                     The Atom                                   Inventors, Inventions & Aviators                    Computers


Learn About the Ear                        Light Speed                                         Static Electricity                         Experiments (Flight)                                         Linux     


Inventors & Inventions                    Inventors & Inventions                        Inventors & Inventions                                                                                         Windows & Bill Gates


The Sound Barrier                           Optical Illusions                                   The Battery                                                                                                             We Built a Computer!


Echolocation                                    Colour Blindness Test                         Water Power


Experiments (Sound)                      Famous Visually Impaired People    Lightening


                                                            Experiments (Light)                             The Brain & Nervous System



4th Class Experiments           6th Class Experiments


                 Balancing Clown                                                       How Do The Lungs Work?


                 Balloon Rocket                                                          How Do the Alveoli Work?


                 Bubbles                                                                       Breathlessness


                 Chromatography                                                       The Heart  


                 Dissolve an Egg                                                        How Can You See Your Pulse?


                 Egg Float                                                                    Grow Your Own Mould


                 More Balancing                                                         How Can I Catch Spores? 


                 Oily DIvers                                                                  Damaged Cells


                 Slime                                                                           Selective Barrier In A Cell


                Twirling Snake                                                            Plant Growth


                 Water Tension 1                                                          Underground Plant Roots


                 Water Tension 2                                                          Can Water Move Up a Flower?


                 Water Tension 3                                                          Water Movement in Trees




                                                                                                        Test for Starch in Food


                                                                                                        Test for Protein in Food


                                                                                                        Test for Fat in Food


                                                                                                        Test for Vitamin C in Food


                                                                                                        Yeast Experiment



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